What We Do

We are a non-profit sustainable tourism organisation; we promote socio-economic development and resource protection in the Colombian Andean region.

The Colombian Andean region is a diverse area, with a rich environment and culture. With Colombia becoming a more popular tourist destination, it is our collective responsibility to protect these natural treasures to ensure the preservation for future generations. We provide educational information and engage in discussion on sustainability, to increase awareness of environmental stewardship for both visitors and locals.

We embrace an holistic approach to sustainable tourism, taking into account the local ecosystems and human cultures to create a symbiotic relationship between visitor, resident, fauna, flora, landscape and environment. This ABC (abiotic, biotic, and cultural) sustainability approach allows us to experience a destination, while sustaining and hopefully enhancing the pre-existing environments.

Local landowners, tenants, business owners, workers and consumers are an integral part of our sustainable strategy. We provide information and training to local agricultural businesses, on how to implement sustainable farming practices, without affecting their income.

Loss of habit and deforestation have been a major cause of eco-system change in the Andean region. Pushing species to critically endangered status. By implementing sustainable practices in other fields such as farming and tourism, we will also provide a net gain for wildlife conservation in the area..