Our Projects

The Colombian Andes Project has a range of initiatives to enhance the Andean environment and community. We believe in protecting the abiotic, biotic and cultural pillars that support this beautiful and diverse region; and we will achieve this through our diverse projects portfolio.

Colombian Andes Eco-community Center

One of our primary long term goals is to create a Colombian Andes Community Center in the coffee growwing axis; promoting sustainable tourism, agriculture and lifestyle initiatives, alongside conservation projects.

Colombian Andes Carbon Offset Program

Sustainable tourism is often considered a paradox due to the carbon footprint of air travel and other energy intensive forms of travel, We intend to create a carbon offset initiative linked to the Andean region. This will initially include investment in carbon offset credit, but will evolve into local carbon offset projects such as tree planting.

The program will be used as an alternative to carbon offsetting schemes. Instead of a generic donation towards the Colombian Andes project, a Carbon Offset donation will be invested in an ethical